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The Lockdown Has Triggered A Rise In Violence Against Women – Domestic violence has been at a 10-year high in this lockdown period, according to National Commission for Women. While the.

Quick Bytes: Sanitary Workers’ Strike in Kumbakonam For Their Full Daily Wage – After being denied full daily wage, sanitary workers in Tamil Nadu’s Kumbakonam municipality went on a strike against the private contractor.

In Tamil Nadu’s Kadar tribal community, weddings are a time when everyone comes together to help the family where the wedding.

Live Sex Movie English socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday and charged with sex trafficking minors for late financier Jeffrey. Joy Personal Care creates awareness about hygiene among transgender & sex workers – As a part of this initiative, the brand has distributed over one lakh hygiene and personal care products to underprivileged. Rarely are movie remakes as good